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The appropriate intake form will be sent to new clients after the initial phone consultation, which is offered at no charge.

Please inquire about session fees. Ms. Springer is not part of insurance networks however PPO insurance can be billed and reimbursed to clients, depending on the plan detail. 

Counseling for Adolescents

Helping Adolescents

Ms. Springer has had extensive experience in helping adolescents in various aspects of their lives, in this sensitive stage of development, including anxiety management, working through academic problems, bullying, family and relationship issues, parental separation and identity development. 


Sexuality Counseling

The emerging sexuality and sexual development in adolescence is a hallmark stage in a young person's life. The information they receive early on can have great and lasting impact on their relationships, self-esteem, their ability to make and keep intimate connections and on their happiness in general. Sometimes parents have a difficult time navigating this path with their own kids. 


Ms. Springer has worked with adolescents for many years, helping them with obtaining sound information about their bodies, sex, sexuality in general and in their relationships. Since initiation of sexual intercourse during adolescence is a norm, adolescents need accurate and comprehensive information and education about sexuality to practice safe and healthy sexual behaviors. Adolescents should be encouraged to avoid taking any actions that they are not comfortable or ready to take, and to never succumb to peer pressure.  Early exploitative or risky behavior may lead to unitended pregnancy and STDs. A safe place to discuss all of this information may make a difference in a young person's life. 


Ms. Springer provides counseling and education, so that adolescents and their parents can discuss sexuality and sexual behavior in a comfortable setting, usually augmenting the classroom setting provided at schools. Some parents, because of the emotional proximity to their children, may not feel fully effective in this role. Ms. Springer is a certified sex therapist with many years of experience in working with adolescents and their families in navigating sexual development and other challenging life stages 

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