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Anxiety During Pregnancy                                                             Post-partum Mood Disorders                

Ms. Springer has been working with new mothers and fathers for many years, and assists her clients in comprehensive treatment plans for Post-partum Mood Disorders. Tamar designed and developed the first PPD support program for Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles, which provided extensive training to volunteers, who learned to identify and provide approriate referrals and resources for women experiencing a PPMD. 


Expecting a baby brings great joy, and also great anticipation to the new parents and their families. Sometimes this anticipation leads to anxiety and stressors for the mom or dad. Some women experience moderate to extreme anxiety during pregnancy. This Peri-natal anxiety can be a very unique anxiety, especially for first-time parents. Counseling can help a woman work through her anxieties, fears and concerns related to the physical and emotional challenges brought on by pregnancy and the anticipation of childbirth and a new baby.   


Post-partum Mood Disorders occur in approximately 15% of new mothers.  The "Baby Blues" is a normal condition that occurs in approximately 80% of new mothers following a birth, and is not considered a disorder. The mother may feel weepy, emotional and "out of sorts". If the symptoms persist and/or intensify for longer than 3-weeks, then a Post-partum Mood Disorder is diagnosed. 


Post-partum Mood Disorders can manifest as Post-partum Depression, Anxiety, OCD (obsesisve-compulsive disorder). A more uncommon but very serious disorder is Post-partum psychosis, which requires immediate hospitalization and treatment.


If you have any questions about whether you or your loved one might be experiencing a PPMD, please inquire immediately. This is a highly treatable disorder, however without proper treatment, it persists and can be very disabling for the mother, father and the child. 

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