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Challenges and Changes After Baby


The early stages of relationships are exciting, thrilling and characterized by that crazy “in love” feeling. When the initial “high” decreases, couples often face a myriad of issues that they work on, in order to remain happy together. Some of these issues include:  communication, conflict management, managing triggers/reactivity, family involvement and sexual issues. These are all “normal” challenges that most people deal with on one level or another, in intimate relationships.


When a pregnancy and a new baby is brought into the mix, both the individual and the couple unit goes through another upheaval. There are major physical and emotional changes occurring at same time. There are hormones, excitement and fear, and a pre-occupation with preparations.


With a birth comes the biggest transition in one’s life, becoming a parent. There are more hormones, recovering from birth, sleep issues (with little sleep often comes anxiety, depression, edginess and exhaustion).


This is hard on couples and very demanding. Becoming parents changes the way couples relate, in some way. Partners go from being number one to something else. The relationship shifts, and people usually have feelings about that.  


Parents often benefit from counseling to address the many issues arising from this great life challenge. Some of these issues include:


  • How to have kids and keep “us”
  • Adjusting to the new roles of mother and father
  • Emotional issues arise that relate to your own childhood
  • Child rearing responsibilities
  • Reconciling different parenting styles
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Changes in the sexual relationship
  • Post-partum Mood Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, OCD)


Sexuality After Baby


Becoming a new parent brings changes to all facets of an individual. The emotional and physical demands and adjustments should not be underestimated. Identity transformation is an ongoing process in this new life stage. All of this brings a new perspective on sexuality. 

Sexuality After Baby

Sexuality after baby brings new challenges to both individuals and the couple unit. The physical challenges are immense. Most obviosuly, the woman's body is recovering from quite an ordeal, whether there was a vaginal birth or a C-section. Physicians recommend at least 6- weeks before resuming intercourse, although many women need longer to feel ready. 


Sleep deprivation is a "beast" and takes quite a toll. When a new parent has an opportunity to sleep or have sex, sleep often wins out. Exhaustion is a common, and finding the energy to initiate or egage in sexual activity can seem more of a chore than a pleasure.


Identities shift and change as new parents, and this inner self-image may impact the way a woman or man sees her/himself and/or his partner. All of a sudden, a wife is a mother, and a husband is a father. This can bring out untapped feelings and complex issues for some.


The relationship has changed. There is now a beautiful human being, a new priority, who has entered the world and changed the dynamic of the fomer couple. These changes in the way a couple relates can affect the sexual relationship.


In sexuality counseling, we talk about these and other issues that arise for new parents, that have had an impact on a person's feelings, thoughts and actions around his/her sexuality. Individuals and couples can discuss openly, and create strategies to manage the complexity of sexuality after baby. 






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