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The appropriate intake form will be sent to new clients after the initial phone consultation, which is offered at no charge.

Please inquire about session fees. Ms. Springer is not part of insurance networks however PPO insurance can be billed and reimbursed to clients, depending on the plan detail. 

What to Expect in Counseling 

About Counseling
Counseling is a process where an individual, couple or family has a safe and professional environment to talk through challenging issues that in some way are inhibiting a feeling of happiness, satisfaction or in achieving an important goal. The therapist is a trained and experienced professional and offers both expertise in content and in process to assist clients in examining their life situations, issues and their emotions. 
Many individuals do not grow up learning or knowing how to handle their emotions. Some families do not deal with emotions in a healthy way, some do not deal with emotions at all. Sometimes an individual is very different from others in their family, and this can be puzzling. In my practice as a psychotherapist, I believe that it is very important to learn to understand and manage one's own emotions. Learning to be comfortable with difficult feelings can be a very liberating experience. Rather than reacting or seeking unhealthy ways to distract from the discomfort, one can learn to let them pass through and be a valuable tool for self-awareness. In turn, better decisions can be made and a person is all the more comfortable in his/her skin. 


As a psychotherapist, I believe that people can change, if they want to. My approach is a mix of psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral theoretical approaches. That is, it is important to understand and have insight to your background, experiences and early life lessons. We take this understanding and apply solution-focused interventions to help affect the change you are seeking in your life. 
Some things that often happen through the therapeutic process: 
  • Understand and manage complex emotions
  • Gain more self-awareness
  • Taking responsibility 
  • Learning to deal with relationship issues and challenges
  • Addressing difficult topics
  • Work through ife transitions and struggles
  • Developing effective communication and conflict management skills
  • Identify poor coping mechanisms and replace with healthy ones 



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