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The appropriate intake form will be sent to new clients after the initial phone consultation, which is offered at no charge.

Please inquire about session fees. Ms. Springer is not part of insurance networks however PPO insurance can be billed and reimbursed to clients, depending on the plan detail. 

Healthy Sexuality Counseling for Women

Tamar Springer is a certified sex therapist and a certified sexuality educator and offers "healthy sexuality counseling" for women. Women often experience a myriad of issues relating to their sexuality that involve psychological, mental, spiritual and physical concerns that need to be examined and worked through. Tamar provides a safe, professional environment for her clients to talk through sexuality related issues, devise strategies and work towards a healthier outlook and experience as individuals and in relationships. 


Sexuality Counseling: 


  • Family-of-origin messages about sex
  • Early and/or traumatic sexual experiences
  • Body image issues, general 
  • Body image issues related to pregnancy and post-partum 
  • Lack of comfort in expressing sexuality 
  • Communicating about sex 
  • Sex during pregnancy
  • Intimacy issues that inhibit sexual expression 
  • Couples therapy 
  • Changes in the couple dynamic over time
  • Medical conditions that impact sexuality 




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